Basketball 3x3 GTM and DRAW

The day before the start of the competition in 3x3 basketball on EUSA Split 2017, the last meeting was attended by the organizers of the competition, judges and contestants themselves. On behalf of the organizers and people responsible for the implementation of the competition were present Hrvoje Marin (OC TD Basketball 3x3), Jeanine Tjin-A-Sioe, Ilan Kowalsky (TD Basketball 3x3), Milan Žvan (OC TD Basketball 3x3), Šime Veršić (Sport Manager) and Jelena Matešić (OC General Coordinator).


In the name of the basketball delegation, Milan Žvan said: "I would like to thank all the people who participated in the organization of this very demanding event and also thanks to all those who allowed the competitions to take place in Split, the city with the most won medals Per capita.I want you a lot of luck in competitions, have fun and make this event unforgettable."


3x3 basketball became a member of the EUSA in 2013 and a total of 23 men and 15 women's teams will participate in the Split edition. The winners of the EUSA competition will compete in the FISU tournament where they will eventually receive the first place to participate in FIBA Masters.



EUC Basketball 3x3 - M, W - DRAW